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Board 2008

As part of the promotional build-up to the launch of the 2008 Great Reading Adventure, Bristol Cultural Development Partnership invited members of the public to submit suggestions as to who might feature in an updated version of the painting Some Who Have Made Bristol Famous.

Nominees could be living, dead or fictional, human or animal, anyone who had helped put Bristol on the map locally, nationally or internationally.

Simon Gurr, illustrator of The Bristol Story, will be making a drawing based on the most interesting 39 names sent in. A new painting will be commissioned later in 2008.

The full list of names submitted were:

Alfred the Gorilla
Mark Alleyne
Richard Ameryk
David Attenborough
John Atyeo

John Avery
Frank Barnwell
Cathy Barry
Tony Benn
Roger Bennett
Ernest Bevin
Blackbeard (Edward Teach)
Elizabeth Blackwell
Richard Bright
Dixie Brown
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
William Budd
Tony Bullimore
Julie Burchill
Rev Harold Burden
Edmund Burke
Clara Butt
John Cabot
George Cadbury
Don Cameron
John Canynge
Princess Caraboo (Mary Baker)  
Mary Carpenter
John Carr
William Champion
Constance Chapman
Charlie off Casualty
Thomas Chatterton
Thomas Clarkson
Justin Lee Collins
Edward Colston
Russ Conway
Beryl Cook
Jane Couch
Robin Cousins
Tony Crook
Robinson Crusoe

Adge Cutler
Humphrey Davy
Paul Dirac  
Donal Early
Nipper the Dog
Abraham Elton
John Bishop Estlin
Mary Estlin
Sherrie Eugene
Alfred Fagon
Sir Roy Fedden
George Ferguson
Robert Fitzharding
William Friese Green
Leslie Frise
Elizabeth Fry
Fry's Five Boys
Canon Gay
Walter Gibb

Professor Jean Golding
William Goldney
W G Grace
Cary Grant
Francis Greenaway
William Grey Walter

John Grimshaw  

Henry II
Damien Hirst
Dorothy Hodgkin

Ian Holloway
Sir Stanley Hooker
Sir John Inskip
Valda Jackson

John James
Gordon Lewis
Richard Long

Peter Lord
Precious McKenzie
Massive Attack
Stephen Merchant
Hannah Moore
Samuel Morley

Johnny Morris
Sir Nevill Mott
George Muller

Sir George Oatley
Gloria Ojulari Sule
Nick Park

Chris Parsons
Jonathan Pearce
Ashley Pharoah
Colin Pillinger
Samuel Plimsoll
Vicky Pollard
Paul Potts
Cecil F Powell
Dave Prowse
Rajah Rammohun Roy
Sir William Ramsay

Mark Regan  
Guy Reid-Bailey
Dorothy Reynolds

Graham Robertson
Elisha Robinson

Tony Robinson
Archibald E Russell

Bhupinder Sandhu

John Sansom
Emma Saunders

John Savage
Alexander Selkirk.

Andy Sheppard
Eddie SHoestring
Long John Silver
Roni Size
Sir William Slim
Julian Slade
Clive Smith
The Smythes
Robert Southey
Paul Stephenson
Bill Strang
Randolf Sutton
Maggie Telfer
Simba Tongogara
William Tyndale
Cyril Uwins

Sir Reginald Verdon-Smith
Carol Vordeman
Catherine Waithe
Wallace and Gromit
Hugo Weaving
Billy Wedlock
Fred Wedlock
Charles Wesley
John Wesley
Sir George White
Sir Stanley White

Henry Herbert Wills

Dame Monica Wills
St Wulfstan


Some Who Have Made Bristol Famous by Ernest Board, 1930 (Bristol's Museums, Galleries and Archives: BMAG).

The original Some Who Have Made Bristol Famous by Ernest Board, 1930 (Bristol's Museums, Galleries and Archives: BMAG).

"...any list which omitted George White and Roy Fedden would be a travesty."

"I nominate Professor Colin Pillinger whose Beagle 2 lander so very nearly made it to Mars. Beagle 2 was the Matthew, the ss Great Britain of our times, and all the more poignant that when the 'dog' was lost, Colin said, on that Christmas morning in 2003, in heartbreaking understatement, 'It's a little bit disappointing...' in the Bristol accent which he has always retained and became as much his trade mark as his famous sideburns. So near and yet so far."

"I should like to nominate Roger Bennett... Apart from his involvement with the Blue Notes Jazz Band and many prominent members of the Bristol Muscial World, his 25 years as presenter of the morning programme on Radio Bristol can never be equalled. He was a perfect gentlemen and his wide experience in journalism and broadcasting contributed to the pleasure of listenting to him every day."

"Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade – created Salad Days and thus financed the present establishment of the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School."

"David Attenborough for taking the Natural History Unit around the world."

"Russ Conway... He sold over 65 million records worldwide and held the affection of Bristolians until his death in 2000."

"Thomas Clarkson – Hugely important to the anti-slavery campaign, who bravely started his research in Bristol. A great counterpoint to Edward Colston."

"John and Charles Wesley... The two brothers are remembered in the Wesley Memorial in Westminster Abbey. The relief shows them in profile (John in the foreground with Charles behind) and this is an appropriate illustration of the way in which their respective gifts complemented each other and how their preaching reached thousands around the country. It is this work, which began in Bristol and spread out around the world, that continues to influence and inspire today."

Suggested Bristol Icons

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Bristol Fighter
Bristol Lodekka bus
Clark’s Pies
Clifton Suspension Bridge
Council House unicorns
Smiles beer
ss Great Britain
St Mary Redcliffe
Wills Tower
Wills Woodbines