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Bristol buildings

People nominate their favourite Bristol building, past or present, giving reasons for their choice:

"I wanted to make sure the Edward Everard building in Broad Street gets nominated, though I'm sure it will have been. I'd never heard of it until I found it, soon after moving to Bristol, and my jaw hit the pavement. I just stared and stared in awe and admiration. I still sometimes go out of my way to take a look at it. I don't know of anything similar and the wonderful colours and Arts & Crafts styling of this temple of printing never fail to give me a little thrill. I think that being set back a little so that with your eyes drawn to St John's gateway you don't see Everard's until you are you are almost on top of it adds something to its surprise value. It also makes it seem like a tucked-away secret; Bristol's hidden jewel box."


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