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Quick quiz

Test your knowledge of Bristol by answering our quiz. All the answers can be found by reading The Bristol Story.

1. Which St Augustine is Bristol Cathedral dedicated to?

2. Who replaced Colonel Essex as commander of the Parliamentary troops in Bristol?

3. When the order of the Knights-Templar was abolished, which other religious order was given Temple Fee?

4. According to legend, the noise from which aeroplane gave Alfred the gorilla a fatal heart attack?

5. In which year did the last St James' Fair take place?

6. Where in Bristol was Alice Chestre's crane built?

7. What was the name of the last woman to be publicly executed in Bristol?

8. Which spy wrote a letter to Christopher Columbus containing a detailed description of the Matthew's voyage?

9. What by-product of copper-smelting was used to build the Black Castle pub?

10. Who was Bristol given to when Bishop Geoffrey de Montbray died?

11. Who ordered his cavalry to charge against the Bristol rioters in 1831?

12. Where is Edmund Blanket's tomb?

13. Which Bristolian unveiled a plaque in New York which partly reads "It was not their homes but their valor kept them free"?

14. Which group of disgruntled workers ransacked a grain ship bound for Dublin in 1753 and broke into Bridewell jail?

15. What letter did James Nayler have burnt on to his forehead?

16. Where in Bristol can you see statues of Brennus and Belinus?

17. What was the name of the self-help medical book written by John Wesley?

18. Where in Bristol did John Bishop Estlin have his eye surgery?

19. From which area of Spain did Bristol merchants import the sweet wine known as sack?

20. Which team did Bristol Rovers play in their first match at the Eastville Stadium?

21. Which tribe controlled the West of England at the time of the Roman invasion?

22. Who set up a pirate kingdom on Lundy Island in 1235?

23. Who was the proprietor of Bristol Evening World newspaper?

24. Who ran the mint at Bristol Castle in the late 1540s?

25. In which year did the pioneering doctor William Budd arrive in Bristol?

26. In 1309, who did Edward II allow to 'farm' Bristol's taxes?

27. Who was known as The Black Diamond?

28. Who said of Bristolians that they were "nott affable to strangers, but rather admiring themselves"?

29. Who was voted Bristolian of the Century in 1999?

30. What nationality was Paul Dirac's father?

How did you do?

Check your answers against the answer sheet here.


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