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“Once started difficult to break off and put a book mark in in order to eat and sleep!”

“It was fun, informative & engagingly written; I recommended it to all my friends.”

"Fantastic! I was really looking forward to it, and it didn’t disappoint. As expected, the graphic style and Eugene's text was spot on in terms of where it was pitched, and was the right combination of factual and funny. Most of all, I've enjoyed learning about the rich history of Bristol, it's made me feel proud of the city I've come to call home."

"It was brilliant! I no longer live in Bristol so a copy of your book has made it all the way to Derbyshire! I lived in Bristol for 21 years and thought I knew quite a lot about the place but the book taught me loads I didn't know!"

"Gripping! For the first time I felt able to put Bristol's history into context. I have a visual memory and the graphical presentation of the book has enabled me to better remember more of the detail. Brilliantly done!"

"I think it’s a very cool book. I really enjoyed it!! And I think that the free give away thing to get people reading the same book was a very good idea!! It also helped me in my research for history! We also like the extra "snippets" that were given like people’s profiles etc."

"Splendid. Very entertaining and packed with things I didn't know despite having been interested in Bristol's history for over 20 years. Author and Illustrator have done a great job and it's a book you can dip into again and again. From that point of view it would be an ideal "loo book" but you'd probably end up staying in there far too long."

"Brilliant. I am still picking up and reading bits and pieces of the book that came with the graphic-style book. Learning lots about Bristol that I never knew!"

"Ace. Really interesting and with lots of deviations and tangents which made it quirky and funny personal comments. It covered lots and as my 10 year old son has just done a project on the John Cabot connection - he followed this up by flicking through The Bristol Story which was another informative angle - of course it was also great to see Si's work as we go back a long way so I am proud he is showing his illustrating talents to the world!!"

"I thought it was great. I’ve never read a book like The Bristol Story before."

"Good, but after a while I found it harder to keep going. Interesting fats that I learned and I feel the correct amount of space was given to slavery, which is important but only in fact a small part of Bristol's history."

"I thought it was fantastic - It really helped me get my head round historic events within the time frame and explained them simply"

"What a superb free gift to the people of Bristol! It was expertly drawn, the illustrations bursting with character. The writing was accessible and witty. It was miles away from a dry history lesson. It made learning fun. I hope people appreciate it as much as I did!"

"It was interesting to know what happened before i was born and what Bristol is really like."

"I thought it was excellent. A good balance of fact and humour with great illustrations. I thought the content was pitched about right - simple enough to engage younger readers but with enough detail to intrigue older readers who could then pursue topics of particular interest."

"I found it very difficult to get in to, it is a chronological presentation of history, not a story as such. I did not get beyond the first section because it was not accessible to me. The pages were too crowded with information, I could not relate to the characters and there was nothing to grab my attention."

"Very interesting & found out thing that I didn't know before about Bristol. Although an entertaining and dip-in-able book, I do worry that the cartoon style assumes that kids won't read a block of text. Surely that's a very low expectation. Perhaps a mixture of cartoon style and blocks of text would have been a good idea."

"Excellent! I was expecting something a little more ‘serious’ in tone, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with the lighter feel."

"A fantastically powerful book, both in terms of its graphic content and the breadth and depth of the story it told."

"Overall, I thought it was excellent. I liked the graphics and enjoyed reading the entire book. There were some judgements I didn't agree with eg '... the highly trained murderers of the Roman army...', but that seems inevitable in any such publication. A very good read indeed."


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