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Helen Dunmore
The Siege
The Soviet Union at War
Belsey, James and Helen Reid (1990) West at War Redcliffe: Bristol.

Blackburn, Kenneth (1991) Blitz Kids Broadcast Books: Bristol.

Budd, John (2001) Chickens on the Lawn: from the Bristol Blitz to Cornwall and back again Redcliffe: Bristol.

Cheesley, David (1987) War on the Hill: the Bristol Blitz and its effect on the people of Barton Hill Self published: Bristol.

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Penny, John (1998) Bristol’s Civil Defence During World War Two Historical Association: Bristol Branch.

Reid, Helen (1988) Bristol Blitz: the untold story Redcliffe: Bristol. This book is to be reissued as a new, revised edition entitled Bristol Under Siege: surviving the wartime blitz in 2005 to coincide with the Great Reading Adventure.

Thomas, Ethel (1989) War Story Self published: Avonmouth.

Wakefield, Ken (1994) Operation Bolero: the
Americans in Bristol and the West Country 1942-45
Crecy Publishing Ltd.

Wakefield, Ken (1995) Somewhere in the West Country Crecy Publishing Ltd.
The Bristol Record Office has an extensive
collection of photographs, cuttings and other
material relating to Bristol in wartime including the work of Evening Post photographer Jim Facey and colour footage of the city taken between 1942 and 1945. Images from the Jim Facey archive can be viewed on line.

Ray’s Home Page, a personal website set up by a Bristolian who has moved to the USA, has information on the Bristol Blitz.

A register of those who died in Bristol during the raids is on the Fishponds Local History Society website along with an account of the raids by John Penny.

Tom Fletcher’s Civvy Street in World War 2
provides an account of growing up in Bristol during the war.

BBC’s WW2 People’s War website encourages people to research their family’s history during the war and contribute stories. It includes submissions from people in Bristol.

The Home Sweet Home website has a number of interesting sections including one on evacuees.
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